designer ceramics


The Wanderlust Collection


It was created with antique textile woodblock stamps found whilst travelling around Rajasthan, India. I came across these stamps amongst other treasures such as opium pots from the Thar desert and hand-painted window shutters depicting religious scenes.
Very special glazes were chosen to highlight the intricate design and bring out an organic, worldly sophistication. The colour palette was inspired by the rich colours of Indian textiles, walls and doors.
Each piece has been handmade from start to finish - framing and enhancing food beautifully and turning it into a work of art.
Hand-wash recommended.

Cocobowls Collection


This simple yet extraordinary object was the first bowl that I have ever designed. Several years ago, I travelled to Indonesia for one month in the summer. On a small reef on an island called Lombok, I found a large half of coconut shell, weathered and textured by the sea. I brought it home with me and used it as a table centre piece. It was one of the most precious things that I owned.

Several years later, I sat down to sketch out a bowl for the first time. I glanced at the table and realised that the perfect bowl was there all along - the coconut shell. I brought it to my studio, cast it and made porcelain versions. The large size of the original shell was perfect as porcelain shirks by 20% after firing. I glazed the inside gorgeous, bright colours and left the outside raw as to preserve the beautiful texture of the original coconut.

Each bowl comes in a stunning box and story tag. They are food safe and perfect for coconut rice or any other food you can think of! They also make stunning decoration pieces. Hand-wash recommended