Large White Fern Dish

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This gorgeous ring dish was made from hand-formed porcelain fired, glazed and then fired again. Genuine 22k gold lustre was applied to the dish by hand, then adorned with a stunning 22k gold fern decal.

This dish measures approx 14cm in diameter. It is perfect for keeping your gorgeous rings and trinkets. It is also foodsafe so can be used as a dessert plate, or hung on the wall using its tiny wire hook on the back of the upturned rim.

It is inspired by the not-so-famous wanderer and naturalist, Alfred Russell Wallace, who independently conceived of the theory of evolution. It is my own contemporary take on the pages of his sketchbooks.
He did thousands of drawing of different insects and other specimens. I first found out about him when I got a lend of a bird watching book from a lovely friend entitled 'Birds of Wallacea' when I was travelling to Indonesia. I did not know what 'Wallacea' was.

''The boundary between Sundaland and Wallacea follows the Wallace Line, named after the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace who noted the differences in mammal and bird fauna between the islands either side of the line. The islands of Sundaland to the west of the line, including Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Borneo, share a mammal fauna similar to that of East Asia, including tigers, rhinoceros, and apes, whereas those from Lombok and eastward are mostly populated by marsupials and birds similar to those in Australasia. Sulawesi shows signs of both.''

This piece is a grey watercolour effect on white porcelain and is an ideal wedding gift!

This piece is currently MADE TO ORDER so please allow 3-4 weeks for its completion as it will be made especially for you! As this is a handmade piece, it will differ slightly from the image above, however, the exact same materials, decal and technique will be used for your one of a kind object.

Comes with a tracking number.