Turquoise Planters

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These gorgeous planters are all hand-built using the slab-building technique, so each one is unique. Modern, simple, rustic and cute!

They are stoneware fired to 1260 degrees Celsius and are very robust.

They are glazed in a matte, mottled copper patina glaze and the burnt orange halo is a beautiful result of the glaze bringing out the iron in the raw clay at very high temperatures.

They are ideal for succulents and cacti, just fill 3/4 way full with gravel, then the soil and plant.

The can also be used for any other type of plant, twigs, leaves etc.

Gorgeous alone or in a group of 3.

These planters are non-porous.

Each piece is handmade so your planter will be slightly different to the ones pictured. However, the exact same clay, technique and glaze will be used. Each piece is one of a kind.

Ships in one working day.


Small: 10cm high
Medium: 13cm high
Large: 15cm high