Quilt Makers

Help the quilt makers of Gujarat.

Raffle time! The tickets are only 3e per entry (6e = 2 entries etc.). I will announce the winner this weekend. We need to try and raise 39000 rupees (€440) to complete their goal ❤ The winner will receive a 150e voucher for my store! Thank you all for your support this year which is enabling me to support other craftspeople around the world who need our help. The link to donate is in my bio, just DM me a screenshot of your donation for your entry!

"My name is Jamnaben. I along with my family members make Patchwork quilts.  We are based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. During the lockdown in 2021, due to the second wave of Covid pandemic, I lost my elder daughter because of lack of medical help. We have no work and no means to earn because there are no sales or orders for our handcrafted products.
Your donation will help us survive this cruel second wave of pandemic, which has left us devastated and we will be able to start our work again with your support.
We are a family of six people, including two kids, who need more care. The donation made by you will be used in fulfilling the basic needs of the family during the lockdown phase and help us begin our lives again.
Any amount donated will be a big help for our family!"

Donate at: https://milaap.org 

Email: info@danuceramics.ie